Let’s pledge to do good, together.

108 Airfam have pledged to donate part of their equity to support the causes they care about most.

Goal: 1,000
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Equity for Impact is a community of Airbnb alumni, employees, and investors who are committing to give a portion of our resources toward causes that will benefit our communities and our world.

How it works


Take the pledge

Choose the percentage or amount that’s right for you, and commit to donating some of your equity proceeds to the charity of your choice.


Learn and share

After you take the pledge we’ll send along educational resources you can share to promote your cause and inspire other Airfam members to join you in the pledge.



When it’s time, we’ll send you a reminder so you can make good on your pledge.

About us

This initiative is created by and for Airbnb alumni and employees, led by Janet Frishberg (Airfam ’13-’19, Recruiting) and Phillippe Siclait (Airfam ’12-’18, Engineering). We’ve assembled a small, volunteer team from the Airfam to help build and launch Equity for Impact, supported by the nonprofit Founders Pledge.

Janet Frishberg

Phillippe Siclait

Andrew Vilcsak

Kyle Pickering

Raphael Lee

Tanya Breshears

Marissa Coughlin

Andrew Schapiro

Alexis Konevich

Mark Levy

Georgina Oram


Pledge mechanics

What do I need to do to participate?

To participate you’ll need to:

  1. Make a private commitment to donate a chosen portion of your Airbnb equity to charity.
  2. Confirm when you have fulfilled your commitment by registering the details of your donation on this website or responding to follow up from the campaign.

How much do I need to give to participate?

There is no minimum to participate in the campaign. A windfall from an IPO is an especially good opportunity to be generous.

Does my pledge need to be a percentage of equity or can it be a fixed dollar amount?

You can pledge either a percentage of your equity or a fixed dollar amount.

Is the pledge pre or post tax?

The pledge is on your pre-tax earnings. For example, if your equity has a pre-tax value of $100,000, a 5% pledge is $5,000. You will likely owe a portion of your $100,000 gain to tax, but the value of your pledge will still be $5,000. This means you should think about pledging the percentage or amount you know you’ll be comfortable donating. You can always increase your pledge down the line when you know more about your personal tax circumstances.

Can I change my pledge amount after I’ve pledged?

You can increase your pledge by registering another pledge on this site. The pledges are timestamped, so a subsequent, larger pledge will supersede the earlier pledge which we’ll consider void.

Pledge fulfillment

How will pledge fulfillment be enforced?

Pledge fulfillment is the act of donating funds irrevocably to the charitable sector, such as to a donor advised fund, private foundation, or directly to nonprofits. You will be able to register how you fulfilled your pledge on this website, or by responding to follow up from the campaign, which will happen within a year of the IPO. Though it is not a legally binding commitment, we encourage you to take the pledge seriously. We recommend that you fulfill your pledge within a year.

For those who elect to join Founders Pledge through your Equity for Impact commitment, pledge fulfillment is strongly encouraged within a year of the expiration of all lockup periods and required within three years to continue to receive the additional benefits Founders Pledge offers.

Who will select the organizations that receive the donations?

You, as an individual donor, will select the organizations that will receive your donations. To support in identifying high-impact charities, Founders Pledge will provide access to high impact funding opportunities and education. Additional opportunities will enable alumni to connect with one another to exchange information on causes we plan to support.

Do I need to donate my equity to fulfill my pledge or can I donate another asset I hold?

You can donate any assets you hold in fulfillment of your pledge. Consider your pledge a “value” pledged, rather than an asset pledged, and donate the asset(s) which make the most sense for you.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Making a commitment to give does not affect your tax position, however, making donations to 501(c)(3) charities in fulfillment of your pledge will likely qualify for tax deductions to the full extent allowed by law.

Our partners

What is Airbnb’s role in this campaign?

This is an alumni and employee organized campaign. Airbnb current and former employees are engaged in this program of their own volition and independent of the work they do or have done for the company.

What is Founders Pledge’s role in this campaign?

Founders Pledge’s goal is to make informed and thoughtful giving as simple as possible while fostering a community of philanthropists who can continuously improve by learning from each other.

Founders Pledge has advised us on commitment mechanics and implementation. Once the IPO is announced, they will provide educational opportunities and support the identification of high impact charities and causes.

By making this commitment, will I qualify for Founders Pledge membership?

Though the Equity for Impact pledge is supported by Founders Pledge, this commitment is separate. If your estimated pledge value is $250,000+ you’ll be invited to join Founders Pledge. Joining Founders Pledge has several benefits, including: access to a zero-fee Donor Advised Fund, their team of philanthropy advisors and researchers who help uncover high impact giving opportunities across a wide range of cause areas, and a calendar of events which range from intimate dinners hosted in members’ homes to full-day forums—all at zero-cost.

Privacy and fees

Are there fees associated with participating in this campaign?


Will information about my pledge ever be made public?

Information about your specific pledge amount or percentage will always remain private, but individuals will have the ability to share their involvement with the campaign online as a mechanism for encouraging other people to join or follow suit with their companies.

Who will have access to my pledge details?

Only our charity partner, Founders Pledge, will have access to details on your pledge amount, which will be aggregated to communicate our community’s combined generosity and impact. No Airfam alumni or current employees will know your pledge amount. Members of the Airfam who are organizing Equity for Impact will have access to your name and email addresses once you pledge, in order to follow up with you regarding next steps for the initiative.

How is this initiative free?

This campaign was conceived of by Airbnb alumni who donated their time and talent to the successful execution of the project and partnered with Founders Pledge for implementation. Founders Pledge is supported by generous individuals, foundations and corporations who underwrite their operations so that 100% of funds raised for charity through the organization’s efforts can be directed towards impactful charities.


Do you have questions about the pledge? Curious about Equity for Impact? Are you from the press? Are you interested in doing something similar for your company?

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